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Limited Submissions Program

View and submit internal pre-proposals to limited and coordinated submission programs.

The Program

A limited submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor sets an institutional limit for the number of applications or proposals the campus can submit. A coordinated submission program is a funding program in which the sponsor imposes specific restrictions on applications submitted by an institution to a specific Request for Applications (RFA).

The Process


Announcements are added weekly to the UC Davis Research Funding system, and emailed to our research community via the Weekly Research Funding Update; you can Subscribe to the Weekly Research Funding Update here.

LS Submission

Principal Investigators (PIs) interested in applying to a limited submission opportunity submit an internal “pre-proposal” within the Research Funding System

LS Review and Selection

If the number of pre-proposals is less than the institutional limit, the investigator(s) is given approval to proceed with an application. If the number of pre-proposals exceed the institutional limit, a faculty review committee conducts a review.

The Office of Research selects and notifies the nominee(s) based on the committee recommendation. Review feedback is provided upon decision.

Sponsor Submission

Selected investigators submit their proposal to the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) for review and approval, following standard submission procedures.



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