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Required CITI Education

Required Research Tutorials for Human Subjects Research

For individuals engaged in human subjects research we offer a self-paced web-based Research Tutorial, the CITI Human Research Protections Training course. This tutorial reviews core concepts for the responsible conduct of research involving human subjects and guide users through the major principles for conducting research in a way that is consistent with federal and University requirements and with accepted scientific standards.

Completion of the following tutorials is required for individuals (i.e., Principal Investigator, Co-Investigators, Research Personnel and Faculty Sponsors/Advisors) who wish to engage in human subject research at UCD before submission of IRB documentation.

CITI Human Research Protections Training Course

UCD offers two versions of the Basic Human Research Training course: one for Biomedical Researchers and Staff and one for Social & Behavioral Investigators Researchers and Staff. Individuals choose the course that best matches their research activities. A CITI Refresher course is required every 3 years to ensure ongoing education about human research protections. There are also two versions of the refresher course.

CITI Good Clinical Practice Training Course

In addition to the courses listed above, UCD requires investigators and all research personnel conducting clinical trials (view NIH's definition of clinical trial) to take Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training. This course is a listed module within CITI. A GCP refresher course is required to be taken every 3 years to ensure ongoing education.

How to Enroll in the UCD CITI Human Research Protections Course:

  1. Go to Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI).
  2. Create an account "Register" or log in if you are already a User.
  3. Select "University of California, Davis" as the Participating Institution.
  4. Use your Kerberos as your username when registering. If your Kerberos is already taken by another CITI user ID, create an alternative username.
  5. Use your UCD email address as the "Preferred Email." By using your Kerberos and your UCD email address when registering, this will help ensure you receive credit for completion.
  6. Complete the Member Information online form. Once you have provided the member information, you'll be led through a series of screening questions to determine which training course to complete.
  7. Enroll in a course appropriate for your role and purpose in completing the CITI IRB Course (e.g., Biomedical Researchers and Staff, Social & Behavioral Researchers and Staff, CITI Good Clinical Practice Course).
  8. The required and optional modules for your course are listed in the Gradebook.
  9. Complete the required modules and associated quizzes.
  10. Complete any optional modules that may be of interest to you.


The Basic and Refresher Courses require approximately two hours to complete. The modules may be completed over multiple sessions. You must complete a module and the related quiz before you log out of a session. If you do not complete the module, you will be required to take it again.

The minimum "passing" aggregate score for each module is 80%. A running tally is compiled in the Grade Book. If you want to improve a score on a quiz, you may repeat the module and the quiz.

You can print or download a Course Completion Report as evidence of completion. You can view or print your completion reports any time by logging into CITI.

For more information you can go to the CITI FAQs and Registration Instructions web page.

For a current list of CITI Human Research Protection and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified research personnel, please click the following link: (PDF)